Today the Supreme Court begins hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act. One can only hope the Justices will see fit to declare parts or all of the act invalid.
Health care in American needs to be fixed but it can be done without massive government intervention. Obamacare as it stands now is a first step in what will become socialized medicine. A new entitlement program that along with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are well on the way to bankrupting this country.
We have a growing national debt, the principal of which, will never be paid, only the interest. We cannot afford to continue to allow this nation to be a nanny state because the future Americans will suffer the failure of a once great country. Attempts at Socialism have repeatedly failed and this country needs to reverse the path it is on.

11 thoughts on “Obamacare”

  1. I’m OK either way the Court rules on this one. If it strikes the law down, everybody gets a reset and maybe Congress could come up with something better than the train wreck that the current plan is. But if the Court upholds the law, it makes it quite clear: There is nothing that the all-powerful federal government can’t make you do. This would mean the Constitutional limits are gone. If you want to avoid, for example, a draconian population control policy like the Chinese “one child per family policy,” you have to elect the right people. The Constitution won’t save you.

  2. I can understand a sentimental attachment, especially among Virginians, to all that “limited government” line of thinking that Jefferson and Madison made famous. In a society as complex and modern as ours has become, face it, we have to have a more powerful government. Our system has evolved over time to one in which the Federal Government has the rights, and the people and the states have only those rights the Federal Government grants to them. Most people aren’t ready to face that, so I hope the Supreme Court comes up with a way to candy-coat it so people can accept it.

    1. Why in the world would anyone accept the lost of their freedoms and rights? I can face the fact that it is happening but cannot accept it because it does not have to be that way. As Libertarian said, we need to elect the right people.
      Our government has created a system whereas most people are dependent on them for something, thus allowing the gov’t. more control. It has created a debt that cannot ever be repaid, a tax system that is incomprehensible and unfair, it has regulations on everything, and a congress that can’t or won’t respond the electorate. I could go on and on.
      This out of control entity is who you think should be entrusted with our children’s future and our welfare? Heck, the President can’t even control what it does.

  3. Health Reform QuizShare
    You answered 10 out of 10 questions correctly, better than 99.6% of Americans.

    Honestly, I only took it once and didn’t even agree with all the answers. For example, their question “Will the health reform law allow a government panel to make decisions about end-of-life care for people on Medicare?” is more a yes-and-no than a solid “no.” The law calls for an IPAB to approve therapies, and the end result of IPAB actions could be reducing the application of certain end-of-life therapies. But I knew what they were getting at — the labeling of IPAB as a “death panel,” which was a colorful overstatement.

    1. I got the death panel question wrong because I too believe if it isn’t one now, it will evolve into one. Same with the benefits to illegal aliens…if they don’t have then now, they will at some point.
      Because if this law is allowed to stand there will be no limits to what the government can do and likewise, the progressives (socialists) that run it.

  4. I read nothing in the Section 1233 of H.R. 3200 that requires one to attend a “Death Panel”. It was an effort to permit Medicare to fund for end-of-life planning counseling sessions, such as to discuss creating a living will with a health care practitioner, if the individual so desired. Sarah Palin created a lot of undue anxiety by first using the term “death panel” (which appears nowhere in the bill) as a political gimmick to keep herself in the public eye. This political gimmick, once unleashed, has continued to create a lot of confusion and anxiety among citizens. I wish the term “death panel” could itself be laid to rest.

  5. Sarah Palin caused all that? This from a woman that the leftist news media and politicians have repeatedly declared inept? Think what she could have done if she were “ept”. 🙂
    I believe the reason that people fear a possible “death panel” is the government’s habit of letting programs morph into something other than their original intent.
    SSI was intended to be insurance for the truly poor so that they would have at least something in their old age. Now it’s a retirement program for everyone.
    Medicare was to be safety net for the truly indigent, now it’s an entitlement program that includes capable people that can’t be bothered with using their tattoo and piercing money for their babies food.
    Obamacare is full of vague regulations that can be just as easily modified.

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