Sentence in cat case

Now we have a completed trial of the Harrisonburg police officer who awkwardly put an injured cat out of its misery, using a police baton. See–ar-1752849/ . I know some of my friends are upset that the fine was only $50, but I would just remind everyone that we have courts to apply the law fairly. I’m really sorry the whole thing happened, but the main lacking element was evidence of malicious intent. An outside judge was brought in and he applied the law in this case. We do not change the law because a bunch of Facebook posters scream for a heaver sentence.

3 thoughts on “Sentence in cat case”

  1. Traveler, I agree. It’s unfortunate but the judge ruled.It needs to be forgotten now. And this is coming from a person who likes cats better than a lot of people I’ve met. 🙂

  2. i too like cats. have been involved in aiding some cat rescue projects. and one thing you learn is that cats are awfully tough. they can survive injuries against the odds. and that is why euthanizing a cat has to be done with care or you get a bad result. i think the lesson from all this is to get the animal shelters involved if possible.

  3. I know what you mean Mousie. My son had his favorite cat, that was deathly sick, euthanized a year or so ago with horrible results. The vet had trouble getting the injection in properly and the poor cat howled in pain while my son broke down in tears. Took at least 15 minutes to put her down.

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