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Is it true that the Bridgewater IGA has been renamed “Bridgewater Foods”? I notice that credit card charges no longer say “IGA” and neither did the ad they had in the Daily News-Record the other day. (No big deal — I don’t think the IGA affiliation was all that great. But it will take me 20 years to stop saying “Bridgewater IGA” if it’s true.)

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  1. I noticed this as well on their shopping baskets. I will probably always refer to it as IGA. That’s what it has always been and will continue to be for me. However, my biggest gripe about the new owners isn’t so much the name, but the prices. Everything has gone up and it doesn’t have the same feel anymore. It seems like a completely different store. And not in a good way.

  2. when I took milk and bologna back to IGA, because they were spoiled, the return receipt said, “Bridgewater Foods”. I don’t like the new store. The prices are higher since they added all those new features. I miss the baggers and the deli is not the same. They get out of stock on a lot of products that I buy. The oysters are sometimes, not covered in ice, and they don’t have many sales. A couple weeks ago, I went to buy a pint of milk, and the only ones they had, were on sale for 50 cents, because they were outdated. When I went to the meat section to buy a pack of Salisbury Steak, the only ones they had were on sale, because they were out of date. I don’t want to buy out of date merchandise. When you go through the lines or purchase something in the deli, you can tell the whole atmosphere of the store has changed. I really like all the employees and am so sad they are not happy with their jobs anymore. I don’t go there as much as I use to, because I miss the old IGA, and am so sorry to all the employees for all this change. It is not your fault. I miss Ralph and Mr Liptrap, and the friendly service. We don’t need a store like all the big grocery store chains. We need a simple little town store, like it was before. A lot of older people shop there and it is now too confusing for them. I just don’t like the new store.

  3. wow i did not notice anything had really changed. a little aisle rearrangement was all i saw. guess i was not paying attention.

  4. Some of the prices have increased enough that we have begun shopping elsewhere. Some of the changes are very nice, however. We noticed that some of the employees who were constantly rude are no longer there.

  5. sign changes have made it official. it is bridgewater foods supermarket. no longer i g a. now a member of the great valu group of grocery stores.

  6. Be careful when shopping here. July 5, 2014 I purchased a carton (18) of essential eggs, Grade A Large. When I got home they were MEDIUMS. Took them back, Mgr gave me another carton and said SORRY. I bet some unsuspecting later shopper got my returned MEDIUMS. Two trips and all I get is “SORRY”

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