Government health care takeover

Now that everyone can see what the government takeover of health care will look like, it’s not so pretty. The Obama administration’s ruling on “reproductive health” and religious institutions is just the start. Everything about medical care becomes political when the government takes it over. And to my lefty friends who are high-fiving about Obama putting the Catholics in their place, consider this: With a government takeover of health care — and elections being what they are — how sure are you that the conservatives won’t one day take over? At that point they’d be free to use the mechanism of government health care to pursue their very different agenda on “reproductive health.”

Free men and women deserve better than this, but politicized health care is what you get when you have the government in charge. Government then becomes your master, not your servant.

4 thoughts on “Government health care takeover”

  1. The government will not become our masters, it already has. You would be hard pressed to name one aspect of your life that the government doesn’t control with a law, rule or regulation. The political parties are not at war with each other, the war is with us. As long as we allow ourselves to be distracted with wailings of Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives and worse of all, self serving special interest groups, we are incapable of realizing how near we are to total government domination. The only difference between the political parties is the speed used to grow the government.
    Right now, half the people pay no income taxes, the median income of people living on the dole exceeds that of working people. A huge percentage of people live off the government’s largess. These people apparently don’t understand that having the government as your chief means of support, is a risk you your liberties and freedoms. These people will continue to vote for the candidates most likely to keep giving them things. A government that is great enough to give you everything is great enough to take everything away.

  2. Well, we are agreed on one thing. After the government builds a rational and compassionate health care system, people will understand how much they depend on the government. Few will ever again vote for anyone promising false “freedom” — the freedom to face a broken health care system that takes too much money and delivers too little.

  3. i think we are going to have some kind of government control of health care. regardless of what happens to obama care. traveler i wish i had your optimism about government building a rational and compassionate system. instead of the opposite.

  4. Will we never learn??? Now the government has mandated that insurance companies will provide no cost birth control, etc instead of Obamacare. This of course is at no cost to the recipient.
    No cost, my patooie! The insurance companies will jack up our premiums to cover the extra expense. Which they should. Of course, the government will then claim greed on the insurance companies part and show this as another example of why we need government health care. The government just shifted the cost from the taxpayer to the insurance premium payer.
    I am not opposed to birth control but I am opposed to being forced to pay for politically correct medical activities because the have a very vocal support system.
    I don’t expect the nation to pay for my medicines.

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