traffic calming project on dinkel

so now that it is done or almost done. what do you think of the traffic calming project on dinkel avenue. i notice that it does slow cars down. and improves pedestrian safety. but i am guessing it cost a lot of money to do that.

8 thoughts on “traffic calming project on dinkel”

  1. Friend of mine that uses the street a lot said he saw two instances where kids almost got hit since the completion. Hopefully the faux center islands won’t give the kids a false since of security.
    Unfortunately, even highway engineers aren’t immune to half baked ideas that turn into passing fads.
    Let’s just hope that the money spent does, in fact, save lives. It does seem to be solving a problem that didn’t exist, though.

  2. What are cyclists supposed to do as they go through there? Ride in the traffic lanes and slow cars down since there’s no room to pass? Is there enough room between the raised beds and the curbs for bicycles? I don’t get it.

  3. I travel this road everyday and I think it looks cluttered and unprofessional. I also find it more difficult now to see pedestrians waiting to cross than before. I think it was a lot of wasted money that won’t really help anyone at all. I wish the town would take that money and put up some lights at the intersection of old river road and main street. It’s impossible to take a left out of here at certain times of the day. Plus, you have the tractor trailer traffic going in and out to get to Marshalls. A light has been needed there for years.

  4. I found a street layout that is dumber (more dumb?) than Dinkel. South Ave. in Harrisonburg, it’s the one beside the new CVS. They took a nice wide street and turned it into politically correct silliness. Two lanes, two bike lanes and parking on one side only. To make it even sillier, this configuration doesnt even extend to the streets South Ave connects to.

  5. If they want to improve something, they should do something about the crosswalk at Blue Ridge Christian School. The cars park very close to the crossing and it is impossible to see children. A small girl darted out in front of my car from between two parked vehicles – very scary and upsetting.

  6. I lived in Bridgewater for almost 30 years and never noticed any problem with the students not being able to cross the road at the college. Speed bumps would have been much less costly. I just wonder how big tractors, combines and the like maneuver through this obstacle course. It is ugly in my opinion and not necessarily the best way to slow traffic. Snow plows will cut it up soon enough and why the space at the sides where leaves and trash will gather. Another job for someone to take care of I guess. Sorry but I just don’t see an improvement here. I do travel that road but have stopped due to the construction.

  7. I noticed that Tink mentioned the need for a traffic light at Old River Road and Main. I thought that was planned as part of the new sub-division?

    BTW, Webmaster, I can’t log in.

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