I have been feeling so down since my surgery, even to the point of going to the emergency room on the verge of a nervous breakdown…
to treeman and the others on here…how long did it take for you/someone you know, to be out of excruciating pain? To be able to walk again? To be able to have some kind of somewhat seemingly normal life?…heck I even spent Thanksgiving in this hospital bed in my room 🙁
I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel…but I’m still hoping…please shed some light if you can…

5 thoughts on “Surgery…Advice??”

  1. PS…guess I should’ve added…they did put me on an anti-anxiety medicine to help me deal with the post surgery shock of being helpless…that seems to be working some but the doctor said it would take a year to heal…and since its only been 6 weeks…wow!
    But no worries I’m not having serious mental issues or anything like that…just hoping someone can share his/her knowledge to offer support…I would like to hear from someone other than a doctor who has actually experienced what I’m going thru…

  2. I hope this helpful….my friend had a similar surgery…she said at first she was like you…unable to do much. She was happy when she was able to go from the bed to the sofa. Her husband helped her with showers, etc. But little by little she got better. She was back to work in three months, seemingly as good as new. Within 6 months of the surgery, she rode on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. She said it was tough to get through but well worth it in the end. She is now pain free and seems to have no limitations.
    Hang in there.

  3. Bea….

    My pain and dicomfort ended almost immeadiately, but my deburring and fusion was on my neck vertebrae. It did take me nearly a year to regrow my dead nerves all the way back down my arm and regain full use and motion of it. (my arm was completely numb and my shoulder muscles completely shut down as a result of the pinched nerve).

    Try not to overdo your recovery. Let your body heal. And yes do worry the doctors…. they have the expertise to help you along.

  4. after my very different surgery i struggled for a while. then one day i turned a corner and was all better. i hope there is a corner you will soon turn in your recovery.

  5. Thanks for the support. Though it is encouraging, I’m still having a hard time foreseeing the “bright” future as I’ve heard from everyone on here and off here as well. I’ve heard “back to work in 3 months” but…I’m now in my 7th week, and still no better physically. I still can not walk, unless its with a walker and the furthest is to my car when going to doctor appointments. I hope I have success as you all have stated above…thanks again 🙂

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