Predict the first snowfall and win!

It’s time for the annual Bridgewater Buzz snow prediction contest. Here’s how it works:

1. In a reply to this post, enter your guess of the date of our first snowfall of one inch or more — not counting October 29!

2. The snowfall will be measured by the incorruptible Mrs. Webmaster in our front yard in Bridgewater.

3. When the inch of snow has fallen, the webmaster will announce the winner on Bridgewater Buzz and will also send email if an address is available.

4. The prize will include a gift certificate to a local business. We are trying to contact the elusive Treeman to see if a wreath can also be included. If you have a business and would like the free advertising and goodwill that would come from donating a prize, send email to the webmaster.

5. The contest ends December 20. If we have not had a qualifying inch of snow by December 20, the winner will be chosen by a random drawing.

Finally, if you’re a past contributor to Bridgewater Buzz, your user ID may have been lost in the fall hack attack. No personal data was compromised but some IDs were wiped out. If you can’t log on to contribute, send email to the webmaster. Note that you do not need an ID to enter this contest — just enter your guess as a reply to this post. Good luck, guessers, and thank you for supporting Bridgewater Buzz!

18 thoughts on “Predict the first snowfall and win!”

  1. november 8. (did you notice walmart has already started playing “Christmas” music. at least they waited until after halloween.)

  2. alot of contestants for the contest this year…somebody should win because of snow for sure…the way I understand it is the winner gets both the keepsake box and the wreath…I would like to suggest that the winner gets the wreath and the box be given to treeman…he has been so generous in providing the wreaths to us and I’m sure the contest won’t be as exciting for him if he wins the wreath…he can have one any time he wants. This would be a way for us buzzers to give back to him and spread the holiday cheer as well πŸ™‚

  3. No, no,no,no…no. The box was offered by the donor for the contest. If treeman should happen to win… big if…. then he will give the wreath to someone in need a a little holiday cheer this year.

  4. Woe is me… will we ever have any weather this winter? I’m not really a big fan of snow, but an inch or 3 now and again is tolerable, and occasionally nice when I have time set and watch it.

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