IGA being sold?

I just heard that the Bridgewater IGA is being sold — what does that mean? Will new management operate it as an IGA grocery store, or something else?

3 thoughts on “IGA being sold?”

  1. I heard the same thing — that the IGA was being “sold,” but that Ralph was keeping the property. Like you, Libertarian, I can’t quite figure that out. Would it be a sale and leaseback? Or is the thought that some totally different business would be there?

  2. My wife also talked with Ralph who, when asked if the grocery was remaining, said, yes, the only changing would be “prettier faces”. Long time cashiers agreed that store management was changing, but so far as they knew, everything was staying the same.

  3. I see the DNR had an article on the IGA this morning. Apparently it is the sale of the franchise that is in question. Ralph Eagle would retain ownership of the building.

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