Dinkle Ave

Years ago (late 1960’s) a whole lotta money was spent to convert Dinkel Ave. from a a very narrow street to a nice wide blvd. Now they are turning the nice wide blvd back into a very narrow street. The idea behind this “traffic calming” effort is that people drive slower if they perceive the street as narrow.
Seems to me an increased police presence there would have worked just as well and the money spent 40 years ago wouldn’t have been wasted.

3 thoughts on “Dinkle Ave”

  1. i wondered about that too. is the traffic calming project being covered by grant funds or something. hard to imagine spending that much money out of regular town funds to narrow the street.

  2. Regardless of where the funds are coming from, it seems to be a poor use of taxpayer money. BTW, who thinks up these names for things…..”traffic calming”? Must be politically correct term, designed not a offend anyone.

  3. Hey let’s put moving traffic closer togeather—duh this will just cause more accidents! Stupid! I even see students sitting on the new curbs/planter boxes too! Real smart! Why not just drop the speed limit and enforce it—going out of town and coming into town! Someone got paid a lot of money for the study and now install—such a waste!

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