Bridgewater Buzz is back!

After a short time for maintenance we’re back up and running, with this site now combining the best of and the Bridgewater Buzz bulletin board. In our outage a lot of old posts were lost . . . they’ll be recovered as time permits. Welcome back to all from your (volunteer, hobbyist) webmaster!

8 thoughts on “Bridgewater Buzz is back!”

  1. In response to mcgill’s question: There’s a box at the far left of every page labeled “Login.” If you’re not a registered user (which is true for most everybody, since the recovery wiped most of the database), click on “Register” just below there and I’ll send you a username and password. In the coming days, I hope to restore most of what was lost earlier — and, hopefully, without letting in the hackers who took down the site. 🙂

    (Also, I’ll be sending an email to previous contributors once I’m sure the new site is working just right.) Thanks to all for your patience.

    UPDATE: Had to close registration, because hackers started flooding it. If you’re a regular Buzz contributor and would like to start posting again, just post a comment to that effect and I’ll send you an ID and password.

  2. Welcome back, bsniffles! You should get that password by email. I have wanted to do more restoration of this site and users, but the duties of my day job call. 🙂 Anyway, it’s good to have you back.

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