el charro in bridgewater

Posted by mousie on September 14:
was i the last person to hear. that el charro will be remodeling the old hardees at dinkel and main. to open a new location for its own style of mexican food. if so i wish them well. great food and they have experience opening in former fast food locations.

5 thoughts on “el charro in bridgewater”

  1. Mousie,
    Apparently not the last. I just heard it from you. I, too, wish them well. Their Mexican style food is pretty good. Just wish someone would open a real Mexican food restaurant somewhere. I don’t have enough nerve to try the taco trucks.
    The Mexican restaurant that was in the old Howard Johnson on S. Main was more authentic but didn’t last, for some reason.

    1. El Charro didn’t quite make that date, but the place is looking almost ready to go. I could sure go for some hot fajitas.

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